[POST] What happens when you inject accountability into your life?


What is an accountability buddy?


Imagine you are on the bench press and you are going to attempt to lift something heavy. Let's assume there is a chance you might not be able to finish the set.


Would you rather have a spotter there to help you push through if needed, or would you rather just go at it alone and hope you’ll be okay?  


If you think that having a spotter could be a good idea, then you would likely benefit from having an accountability buddy.


An accountability buddy is someone who helps you stay on track with your goals on the days when you don't feel like following through. They also offer encouragement and support when needed. And at the same time, you are also there to help make sure they are improving too!


The end result is this: both of you will make significantly more progress because you end up working on your goals more consistently.

Who could be a good accountability buddy?


Let’s revisit the bench press example above.


What makes this accountability system effective? It works because both people working towards the same (or a very similar) goal. And when this happens, you naturally have a reason to motivate and support one another because you want to see each other succeed.


So if both of you commit to go to the gym 3x per week and you both follow through, then you are good accountability buddies!


However, if your work out partner doesn't show up to the gym regularly, then they aren't a good accountability buddy for you.

Why is it difficult to find an accountability buddy?


On the surface, it feels like this should be easy to do.


Lifehack, Inc., and Entrepreneur all do a great job explaining why you need an accountability buddy, but then fall short on what to do next.


There are sites like GetMotivatedBuddies sub on Reddit, or Coach.me, or Stickk, but you'll quickly see they still put the onus on you find an accountability buddy.


So then really think about it: who could you call up to be your accountability buddy for a goal that you want take on? Who do you currently talk to about your goals? 


We found an excuse to ask Tribers (aka the people who've already tried out Tribe of Five), and they confirmed they don't consistently talk about their goals with anyone. Most said they had someone they "could" talk to, but it had been a while since they can last remember a goals-related conversation.


If this sounds like you, and you don't talk to anyone regularly about your goals, you are missing out on the power an accountability buddy.

How can Tribe of Five help?


We'll be perfectly honest. Tribe of Five isn't for everyone. If you aren't willing to put in work on a goal, Tribe of Five won't be able to help you magically get better.


However, if you are tired of feeling stuck, of not being able to follow through on your goals, AND you are ready to do something about it, then Tribe of Five can significantly help improve your chances of success.


That's because when you commit to a 30 day challenge through Tribe of Five, you'll have four other accountability buddies who are invested in your success. Your "tribe" will be there to help you stack on track, all while you are there to help them too!


So now you get to decide if Tribe of Five is right for you. If you are serious about getting better, we'd love to be part of your journey!


Sign up to find out about the next set of 30 day challenges. Commit to a goal you want to work on. Experience what happens when you inject accountability into your life!

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