[POST] So what, you fell off. Here’s how to get back on track.


The secret to success is not your ability to set goals. Instead, it’s your ability to STICK with the goals that you set. 


In this post, we’ll explore what happens after you set a goal, but then get side tracked, and why most people allow this to be the reason they don’t get back on track again.



In the beginning of any new goal, we all start off the same:



  • Moment of inspiration or desperation: “I need to get better at __________ (area of my life)”

  • Promise made to self: “I’m going to work on the goal consistently and get better”

  • First few days / weeks: consistently work on the goal (good job!)



...but then, eventually, we get too busy and end up skipping a day…




This is what most people think will happen next:



  1. on the busy day: “I’ll just take the day off and come back to it tomorrow. It won’t be a problem.”

  2. next day: continue working on the goal again (as promised!)

  3. for the foreseeable future: continue working on the goal

  4. result: SUCCESS!



This is what actually happens though:



  1. on the busy day: “I’ll just take the day off and come back to it tomorrow. It won’t be a problem.” (same as above)

  2. next day: skip another day and rationalize that you’ll get back on track the next day

  3. mindset after a few more skip days: “what’s the point…I would have to start all over again since I’ve already skipped so many days”

  4. result: GIVE UP ON THE GOAL



The remedy is to straight forward. Forgive yourself. Understand that nobody is perfect. 


Forget about the skipped day, and do not let it snowball and become an excuse to skip more days. You simply must get right back to it and start working on your goal again.


Don't wait for the elusive "tomorrow".



With that said, we know that when you work on a goal by yourself, it's unfortunately too easy to let one skip day spiral into more than it should be. 


That's why Tribe of Five exists. We've learned, tested, and refined how best to leverage the power of accountability.


When you are surrounded by five like-minded people all working on the same goal, you will see tribe members develop a "I-can-do-this" attitude as they follow through and consistently check in.


You'll also witness tribe members get tripped up when they get too busy, but then get right back to it after a skipped day.


All of this reinforces the fact that no one is perfect, and in order to get better, we have to consistently pick ourselves up and commit to take action to move closer to our goals.



Don’t take our word for it though. Read these snippets from tribe members who have already participated in a 30 day challenge:



“Did not feel AT ALL [like] doing it today, but this helped me to get that stuff done!”

- Maris (member of the cleaning tribe)



“I guess this is the rough patch where it’s easier to give up the habit than keep having it? Well, it was 9:39pm in Florida and I had yet to tidy a thing. This got me up and I picked up all the random crap that had accumulated in my living room. Five minutes done.”

- Amandelin (member of the cleaning tribe)



“You know what? You’re right. There should be no reason not to check in.”

- George (member of the core strength tribe)




Our goal is to share as many of these tips as possible so that you have the best possible chance to succeed at whatever goals you decide to work on. We hope you'll consider Tribe of Five when you are working on your next goal.


Subscribe, choose an area your life you want to improve on, get paired up with a tribe, and see how the power of accountability can help you get better.


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