Resources for entrepreneurs

We subscribe to the framework that good stuff in → good stuff out. 


Here are some of our favorite resources to help fellow entrepreneurs on the journey to build a product, business, and company!


Minute for minute, podcasts are a great way to get more “goodness” into the brain. Whenever we are commuting, out for a walk, or working out, you can bet that we’re listening to one of these podcasts.

Tim Ferriss podcast Tribe of Five resource
Jocko podcast Tribe of Five resource
Master of Scale Podcast Tribe of Five resource
Dissect podcast Tribe of Five resource


It takes years of research, writing, and editing in order to produce a book. And in a very short amount of time, you'll be able to absorb years of knowledge from each author. Here are a few books that we love and go out of our way to refer!

Extreme Ownership book Tribe of Five resource
Power of Habit book Tribe of Five resource
Zero to One book Tribe of Five resource
Made to Stick book Tribe of Five resource

Online courses

As fellow entrepreneurs, it's painfully obvious that there is so much we don't know about the world. But it's easy to close that gap with online courses. We have a bias for actionable takeaways. And these two courses are loaded with learnings you can apply back to your business right away.

1. Startup Class  - Sam Altman and YCombinator have figured out a good formula for growth. They know how to find entrepreneurs with good ideas, help them grow, and invest in their success. These weekly videos and readings are similar to what incoming YC classes are taught.

2. Learning How to Learn - this is one the most popular online courses (4.8 stars with 35,000 reviews). And for good reason. It clearly showed us why we were inefficient at learning. And then, it taught us some simple frameworks we've now incorporated into our daily routines that help us acquire new skills much faster. 


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