Accelerate the path to product-market fit

We help startup leadership teams "get on the same page" so they have a real shot to find product-market fit together

The problem

84% of teams do not feel like they are on the same page (INSEAD study link).

And because of that, they'll struggle to make key decisions about how to build product and market to customers.

This WILL slow down your ability to grow.


The root cause

Every person on your leadership team will have a different answer about how to:

1. Establish a vision and mission
2. Build products and find customers
3. Develop and grow a team

But until they acquire the same frameworks, principles, and strategies...they won't be on the same page about how to make the right decisions at the right time.

Our mission

We've worked at, seen, and heard of too many innovative companies that have failed.

And it's always because the team couldn't get on the same page.

We believe this is a very solvable problem!

So it's really simple - our mission is to help your team really get on the same page so they can work better together.

The secret sauce

In order for your team to really get on the same page, they have to develop a shared language. These come from strategies, frameworks, and mental models defined in books like...

The same secret

These are literally the same frameworks that leadership teams at Tesla, AirBnb, and Stripe use every day to make key decisions that help their companies grow.

In the past, it was a burden to herd cats and get everyone to acquire these frameworks. And then apply them. Every. Single. Day.

But now, Tribe of Five is here to help!

How it works

1. Choose the book

We've done the research and put together the best-of-the-best book recommendations from world-class Founders and VC's. These spell out the same foundational frameworks they used to build products and find customers at scale.

2. Learn the framework

Using behavioral science along with frameworks from Hooked (4.7 stars, 1,194 reviews), the Tribe of Five app gets your team to follow through and read these books together, share snippets of what they learned, and kick off high quality discussions along the way.

3. Get on the same page

Since your team will all be reading the same book, at the same time, they WILL develop a shared language. And that means each day, your team will get on the same page about how to make key decisions that allow the company to grow and thrive.

Get on the same page

According to McKinseylong-term success depends on the whole leadership team because of the multiplier effect it creates. But only 20% of executives think their team is a high performing one.

Make the investment

You have the power to help level up your leadership team in a significant way. Schedule a demo today!


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