A virtual book club, for your team!

Help each of your business unit teams stay connected (and productive) while WFH during COVID-19

The problem

Due to Coronavirus and being forced to WFH, we all feel disconnected from our teammates.

We're craving a way to stay connected (and be productive) through these tough times.

Worst of all, health experts predict we will need to WFH for the next 2-3 months...


The solution

A virtual book club is the perfect daily activity for each business unit team to bond and connect. Not only does it help teams stay connected, it also helps everyone get 1% better everyday.

Example world-class books your Product, Marketing, or Engineering teams could read together includes:

Make reading great again

We are a:

  • digital book club

  • for you and your team

  • to connect everyday to discuss principles from world-class business books

  • especially while we all have some free time WFH due to Coronavirus

How it works

1. We'll help you choose the right book

Choose from a highly curated list of books from world-class Founders and VC's. These spell out the same specific frameworks they used to build products and find customers at scale.

2. You'll get a fun (and productive) daily activity

Using the best of behavioral science, Tribe of Five gets your team to follow through and read a book together, share snippets of what they learn each day, and kick off high quality discussions along the way.

3. Build digital camaraderie every day

Since your team will all be reading the same book, at the same time, they'll have something productive and interesting to bond over everyday!

Let's get on the same page

Your team want to stay connected and be productive while WFH. But they need help. We can help you get started today!


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