A virtual book club,

for high performing product teams

Help your product team get on the same page about how to leverage world-class frameworks, strategies, and principles so they can execute better on the roadmap!

The problem

If half your PM's only spoke French, while the other half only spoke Chinese...it would be clear why would struggle working together.

And it would be a no-brainer that you would need to fix it. Right?

Well, guess what?

This is happening every day.

But it's not because of French or Chinese...


Not on the same page 

It's because some of your PM's know the principles behind lean startup methodologies, design sprints, and how to create habit loops...while others don't.

But until everyone gets on the same page, you won't get the most out of your team to build a great product.

"Let's be more lean with our approach!"

"What does that even mean?..."

The solution

Books. Seriously!

World-class books literally break down the principles, frameworks, and strategies - including how to find good ideas, prioritize opportunities, and build the right products that solve real problems for your customers.

But how to do you actually get your product team to read these books, to discuss lessons along the way, and to apply them day-to-day?

Luckily, that's where Tribe of Five comes in!

Make reading great again

Tribe of Five is:

  • a digital book club app

  • for you and your product team

  • to read together, learn, and discuss principles from world-class product books

  • so everyone can get on the same page and work better together

How it works

1. We'll help you choose the right book

We have a highly vetted list of books from world-class Founders and VC's. These spell out the same specific frameworks they used to build products and find customers at scale.

2. We make it easy to follow through and read

Using the best of behavioral science, Tribe of Five gets your team to follow through and read a book together, share snippets of what they learn each day, and kick off high quality discussions along the way.

3. Your team will get on the same page. Guaranteed.

Since your team will all be reading the same book, at the same time, and discussing with each other, they'll actually be on the same page about how to apply lean startup principles, how to think about habit loops, and more!

Simple pricing

It's only $25 / person / book.

(After reading 2-3 books together, most product teams feel 10x more ready to tackle their roadmap)

Let's get on the same page

Your product team want to be more productive. They want to accelerate learnings on the roadmap.


And as a team lead, you now have a great way to help them achieve their goals! Get in touch below.


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