Level up your reading.

Level up your life.

We're a book club app for people serious about personal growth. This month, we're reading "Extreme Ownership", a badass book about how to become a real leader.

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The problem

You know you should read more. You know that uber successful people read all the time (study link).

You know that by reading, you will move ahead in your personal growth journey.

And yet, it's hard to consistently follow through, especially when life keeps getting in the way.


Our mission

The goal is simple - we want to help level up your personal growth.

We believe that reading world class non-fiction books (like Extreme Ownership) is one of the best ways to make positive change happen.

So we're here to help you go from "I want to read more" to "I read everyday"!

How? By pairing you up with like-minded accountability partners who want to read more, just like you.

An online book club for...

Like-minded people.

Working together.

Getting better. Faster.

How it works

1. Join the club

When you join, you'll get paired up with a small group (called a tribe, with you guessed it, 5 people) who are also committed to read Extreme Ownership. Just like you!

2. Read and share

For the next 30 days, you'll check in each day to log how much you've read and post snippets of what you liked / learned from the book so far. And of course, so will everyone from your tribe!

3. Learn from each other

Since everyone in your tribe will be reading the same book at the same time, you'll find yourself engaged in lots of meaningful conversations throughout the next 30 days!

Meet awesome like-minded go-getters who are serious about personal growth.

Read way more.

And do it all with a simple to use app that tracks your progress and helps you follow through every day.

All for only $20 (limited to the next 1000 members). 

The best investment.

Not for the weak or lazy

We filter out the bullshitters, those who talk-the-talk but don't walk-the-walk, trolls, and other negative people.

This means you'll be surrounded with a positive and encouraging community of like-minded people who want to get better and are willing to put in the work to make it happen.

What are you waiting for?

"The idea isn’t going to execute itself…You have to do and do it now.” 


– Jocko Willink

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